Greg Technology


I’m an improviser and jester, interested in naive expressions and perplexing arrangements of algorithms, sound and interactivity. I’m excited about the web as an opportunity to multiply delight, and a medium to subvert institutional constructs and language.

2019GATC Studio

We make Art from DNA! See it!

Collaboration between a DNA microbiologist, an artist interested in chaotic systems and Greg Technology.

Based on dynamic systems theory, our algorithms create a novel and unique portrait of your genetic code based on its unique biological variations.

Launching in 2020.


The path from Montréal to Québec City and back, from one home to another, as a flickering real time trajectory along a pair of analog video maps.

Made during a Multi Screen Installation workshop at OBORO led by Roberto Santaguida.

2019Velophoneby Greg Technology and Luc Mikelsons

🚲 Learn all about it on the Velophone Site

Using motion sensors and radio signals, Velophone algorithmically generates musical scores based on the rider's movements.

Its original compositions are adapted and modulated for multiple bicycles when many Velophones ride together.

It uses Arduinos, music, accelerometers, zip ties and makes you feel like you're riding the music, for all of the intense feeling of dread that this sentence evokes in you! I'm telling you!

2019AnticipationSchool for Poetic Computation Spring 2019


Anticipation is a comedic interactive piece exploring unforeseen uses of the human voice as a musical instrument. As visitors approach the piece, set in a dystopian karaoke environment of badly hung glittery decoration, the artist / MC invites them to sing, whistle or make any sound into a microphone. Many elements seem off: the microphone is disconnected, while a crudely attached webcam whose lens is covered with tape appears to intermittently glow blue. What is going on?

The sounds provided by the visitors are transformed into small notes which are embedded into various MIDI jazz song standards, following the musical parts of the piano, bass or drums. The unintended and distorted results tend to approach both limits of the best/worse spectrum of appreciation — the resulting music is both unbearably wrong and unmusical, while being satisfying in its silliness and unnecessary complexity.


Cardioid microphone, Logitech webcam, Apple computer, Python, C++, and JavaScript software.

2019Text Message Search Engineby Alex Miller with Greg Technology

Search in real-time through Alex's text messages from the last 5 years, while keeping communications semi-private.

2019My Real Speechby Oobah Butler with Greg Technology

Read the speechAcceptance video

A.I.-generated expanded acceptance speech for Oobah Butler's Webby Award.

2018 and 2019 All We'd Ever Need Is One Another
(Version 1 and trio) by Adam Basanta

DescriptionSite (V1) - Trio

Production Credits

Concept, design, R&D: Adam Basanta
Computer Vision &
Machine Learning Development: Greg Technology
GUI Programming: Nicholas Estherer


Part of the Permanent Collection of the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal.

19.09.19 - 02.11.19 Arsenal Contemporary. Toronto, CAN.
29.06.18 - 05.08.18 Arsenal Art Contemporain, Montreal QC CAN. Presented as part of the 2018 BIAN Digital Art Bienalle.
04.05.18 - 04.06.18 Ellephant Gallery, Montreal, CAN


Can an artist sue an AI over copyright infringement?
Artist faces lawsuit over computer system that creates randomly generated images

20181-Minute Met Poster

375,000 Artworks from the Met in 1 Poster

Generative Algorithm Development based on Public Domain Artworks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Honestly, just a really efficient way to see everything the Met has to offer.

Get one for the kids

2018Presstube Treeby James Paterson

Cheeky Ecommerce Integration

Web-based Generative 3D Toy Maker. Perfectly reasonable smushing of audio input, virtual tree blobs, and on-demand 3D manufacturing.

Eyeo 2018 Presentation

2018Empty Trains

On/off-line activism

Attempt to influence the sole government funded Canadian passenger railway company to stop using algorithmic pricing and transporting empty cars.
I fought the law, and the law won.


Les fluctuations du prix du billet de train
Le train, le transport public mal aimé des Canadiens
Un collectif pour des trains plus aimables

2018OUROBOROSby Greg Technology & Presstube

Generative Tunnel Animation Maker

Similar to an Instagram filter, but more cumbersome.

Use it

2018Quick Draw Poster

Generative Algorithm Development

Exploring the temporal aspects of Google Quick Draw's data set of hand drawings.

Why not get one for the office

Real-time bus schedule display

Comfort for the weary traveler. I heard it uses web scraping, but that's probably just a rumor.

On continuous display in the Mile End, Montréal.