Reverse Parking

Reverse Parking is an art collective.

I made an AI music video. The caption read:

It feels like I was working on this 6 months ago at most, but it’s actually been one whole year. Time truly is unknowable. Anyway, those prehistoric AI times feel foreign and quaint — computers were stupid toddlers back then, barely able to keep their heads up and spouting a few syllables at best. It was a gentle and rewarding experience to illustrate this beautiful song. In the end, we’re all cold. X

Amsterdam Expo 4/2/2023

🎥🎨🖼️🦾🥁 displayed by @selmani.driton @leydepey @xue_jiang_j @etta_mac @oobahs @fatmirmustafa @john_baltar @viannefureyous @njbrwn @hurshallboom @jf_nicklin @rom @tado_zoltan @joshuofrast